Are you a coach or speaker

who struggles

with the technical side of running your business?

Do you find yourself spending more time dealing with tech issues than actually serving your clients? Look no further than The Technically Smart Blonde

Your business is set up. You’re creating
content daily. You’re making offers.

You put your heart and soul into it. You spend hours talking about your services and beaming with pride. If you could take a selfie with your arm around your company, you would and you’d post it all over social media.

But then the overwhelm starts, ushered in on the shoulders of real life. The jargon, the coding, the emails, and the automations prove confusing, and the only thing you’re adding to your cart is frustration.

...little technical glitches and changing technologies can be frustrating and time consuming and bring everything to a grinding halt!​ or… you want to add an upsell, maybe an order bump, change out your lead magnet, create an automation in your ConvertKit account, add a new step to your funnel…but how

Imagine Being Able to Send a Quick Email & Have Your Tech Questions Answered Let’s keep your momentum going by increasing your impact and your income without the tech overwhelm!

We offer full migration services from one platform to another (ex: moving from multiple softwares into an all in one such as GoHighLevel). As well as a complete course/membership setup.

Just starting out and need help thinking through all the deliverables in your coaching program and making sure everyone gets what they need? Yup, we love that stuff!

Working with a coach who has a proven path but stuck with the tech - let's chat! We have helped many clients get results from others' programs by helping them with the tech.

That’s where we come in. We’re the Fairy Godmother of your company’s technical side:
✨ Bibiddi, Bobbidi, Booming profits. ✨

You don’t have to spend time dealing with tech, watching how-to videos on YouTube, or hiring a freelancer to design a lead magnet that doesn’t attract.

Let’s hop on a call for a no-cost consultation.

We’ll work together to reach your potential…and then exceed it.